2017 in film: Update #2 (February)

Okay, so, I guess I’m only updating this blog once a month now? Oh well, once a month is better than what I used to do. Movie update time!

So, February was a rough month. The new medication I’m on (which I just got a replacement for today, yay!) made me very very sleepy, and so I didn’t get much done, movie-wise or other. I still did better than February of last year, when I watched a grand total of zero movies. Though between this month and last month, I’m only slightly ahead of where I was last year, in terms of sheer numbers. And I’m falling behind in my resolutions.

Let’s see where we are, and where we should be.



GOAL (for 28 Feb)

ACTUAL (for 28 Feb)

52 new-to-me 8/52 16/52
12 in the theatre 2/12 2/12
52 pre-1980 8/52 14/52
12 documentaries 2/12 0/12
52 directed by women 8/52 4/52
52 directed by PoC 8/52 5/52
52 non-English language 8/52 5/52
All the Hitchcock 8/52 6/52
All the Godzilla 2 or 3/29 2/29
All the Ghibli/Miyazaki 2/23 0/23


So we’re actually okay on a couple of these. New-to-me and pre-1980 are well in-hand, and I’m right on-track with Godzilla and theatrical excursions. Everything else I’m falling way down on, though.

So what did I watch this month? The complete list is here, but, in summary: some Hitchcock, some Godzilla, a lot of movies in which Nazis die (no reason), and a couple other bits and bobs. Only three movies were non-English language (Godzilla, Godzilla Raids Again, and Das Boot), and only two (the two Godzillas) were directed by people of color. Even worse, only one film (American Psycho) was directed by a woman. I did not visit the movie theatre this month at all, nor have I picked up a documentary.

Five movies this month (Godzilla Raids Again, American Psycho, and the Hitchcocks — Downhill, The Farmer’s Wife, and Easy Virtue) were new-to-me, and honestly, I didn’t much care for any of them. The tried-and-true classics (Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Rocketeer, and Sneakers) were probably my favorites, although I finally got around to my second viewing of Inglorious Basterds, which was just fucking great.

So! This weekend I will transition to a new medication that will hopefully make me less sleepy, and in addition to getting more writing and research done (not to mention being more productive at work), in March I’m gonna watch some fucking movies, gosh darn it.

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