Learning to draw: part 1 of 765,878,744,634,762,903,741,741

2016-06-24 (4)Comic books are a medium I’m excited by, and would enjoy writing for. I don’t have the money to hire an artist, though. I could try and convince an artist to work with me gratis, with the understanding that we’d share ownership and any (hypothetical) profits down the line, but without a portfolio of completed comics, showcasing what a breathtakingly amazing writer I am, I’m not sure anyone would go for that.

Obviously, the solution is to draw them myself. And to do that, I’m gonna have to learn how to draw.

The goal is to start practicing drawing for 30 minutes each day (hopefully increasing that to 60 minutes after a little while). To keep myself accountable (and for your amusement), I’ll be posting some of my practice sessions on this blog.

So here’s my first session (from yesterday):

2016-06-24 (1)2016-06-24 (2)2016-06-24 (3)2016-06-24 (4)

Oh yeah. We’re starting fromĀ zero. Partly I wanted to get used to the disconnect involved in drawing with a pen tablet (the Huion H610Pro, if you’re curious; thank you ebook class action settlement credit!), but partly … I just needed to practice drawing circles. You can see I got a little bored at the end and started experimenting with different brushes and colors (and drew anĀ Enterprise, because I can’t help myself). And it sounds silly, but … I really do think the circles in the fourth image look better than the ones in the first image.

Slow and steady, my friends. Slow and steady.

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