Lego Tatooine

I cleared some space and set up my Lego Tatooine diorama again.

img_4527Desert Skiff (9496), including the Han figure from Jabba’s Palace (9516).

img_4528Jabba’s Sail Barge (75020). The Boba Fett figure is from the Skiff set.

img_4529Droid Escape Pod (75136) with Sandtrooper & Dewback from the Mos Eisley set (75052).

img_4533A better look at the Sandtrooper & Dewback.

img_4536 img_4534Mos Eisley. The Jawa is from the Escape Pod set, and the Tusken Raider is from the T-16.

img_4537T-16 Skyhopper (75081). I need to get some clear pieces and build a stand for it, so I can display it with the wings in flight mode (same with Krennic’s Shuttle and, when I get them, the Tydirium and Kylo Ren’s shuttle).

img_4538 img_4539Jabba’s Palace (9516) and the Rancor Pit (75005). At some point I’d like to get a bunch of brown and tan bricks and build a proper desert landscape for this diorama. I’d build the Palace into a cliff, so that the front door is no longer hanging in the air, and the Rancor Pit will be “underground.” Also might build a little pit for the Lars Homestead, if I get really ambitious.

This is all in preparation for next weekend’s big build …

cuxv9pavmaijhhdOh. Fucking. Yeah.

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