Fear, Sex, and Fruitcake: A Blinded by the Light Christmas Special


Fear, Sex, and Fruitcake
A Blinded by the Light Christmas Special

Christmas isn’t only a time for family and togetherness. It’s a time for falling in love, for sexual awakenings, for embarrassing crushes and startling realizations. A time for depression, for regret, for loneliness.

M.R. Bowers returns with a collection of Christmas stories featuring the characters (and their families) from the superb novella “Possession.” Teenagers grapple with sexual identity, parents try to guide their children while struggling with their own issues, and lonely souls forge new connections. Love is tested, hate reconsidered, gifts are given, and secrets are revealed.

Try out this new collection from the author one Amazon reviewer called “a promising young scribe,” and whose previous work was described as “intense and engaging.”

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